Sunday, May 12, 2013

Vignette ideas for the master bedroom: How to add style and organization

I've been seeing vignettes all over the place recently and really love what they do to a space.  Since the master bedroom is my current project, I thought I'd create my very first one.   If you're not familiar with them, vignettes bring together a collection of what otherwise be random things to add a layer of beauty, sophistication and organization to a room.   Many times vignettes are set up on a tray to unify the items.

Here's a look at the vignette I created for my master bedroom.  I did not buy anything for the vignette except the tray which I got at Ikea for $7.  I plan to paint the tray and get a piece of plexi glass and some wrapping or scrap paper to put on the bottom so I can change up the look when as often as I'd like without repainting.

I added three candles of various shapes, sizes and heights.   All of them I had laying around the house.  I found the white candle stick at a thrift store for a dollar and sprayed it my favorite - heirloom white.  (Find the tutorial for the rope pillar candle here.)

Please excuse the cute kids in the background

On the opposite side to kind of balance out the space I added a small lamp.  Then I put a small square mirror which my husband used to propose ("This is the face I want to wake up to everyday for the rest of my life...") eight years ago and in front of that leaned up a wooden "V" which I purchased
months and months ago, but had never done anything with -- poor thing is still lacking paint. 

I also had this brown "JESUS" sign that was my grandparents.  I remember staring at it for long periods of time as a little girl trying to figure out what it said between those little pieces of wood.  When my grandparents recently passed away, I got it and it always reminds me of them.  Since it was kind of dated I decided to spray paint and sand it down a bit to make it match my motif. 

Can you find 'Jesus'?
I also included a silver heart jewelry dish that my sister gave me for being in her wedding.   The final touch was some beautiful and bright pink flowers from my yard.  I love the pop they provide.

The idea behind my vignette is things that have special meaning to me.  I wanted to display them all in the master bedroom, but separately they weren't really working.  Bringing them together on a tray as a vignette they work.

Other ideas for bedroom vignettes include:
  • Family or wedding pictures
  • Figurines
  • Perfume or cologne bottles
  • Antique figures, buddahs, etc
  • Green plants such as a topiary
  • Ring holder
  • Small jewelry stand
  • Unique jars, bottles, or colored glassware
  • Orbs
  • Small clocks

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