Friday, June 7, 2013

4th of July handprint art on canvas

And my July 4th decorations series continues, today with a festive handprint art project.  I adore kids handprint art.  I usually reserve kids art for the play room or the basement or craftroom, but this project is so cute I have it on my mantel along with a few of my other DIY Fourth of July decorations.

I had an extra piece of dropcloth lying around so I used that for the fabric, but you could really use anything - even a piece of cardstock. 

Paint your kids' hands with a generous amount of acrylic paint.  Don't worry about the stars - just add them later with a paint pen (I used a galaxy marker).

Here's the tricky part - once you're onto the second kid you only have one shot - or you'll have to start all over.   I'm not sure if it's harder to get my husband's hand painted plastered on our project or getting my kids' in one take - but I digress...

Let the handprints dry overnight.  (Be sure to set them on top of something you don't mind getting paint on since the paint may leak through the back side of the fabric).   Once it's dry, just cut the fabric or cardstock down to size.  I rounded the bottom corners a bit.  Here's where you add the stars, if you want.

I had a canvas left over from another project so I just spraypainted it blue.   Once it was dry, I used upholstery nails to tack the American flag handprint art canvas directly to the canvas.

Now, it's proudly sitting on my mantel.  So festive, right? I love it and my kids are so proud to have made the cut!

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