Thursday, June 13, 2013

DIY Monogram burlap picture frame

I have been working with burlap a lot recently as I fill orders on these cute July 4th burlap banners...I have been saving the scrap pieces of burlap knowing that I wanted to monogram and frame it.   Today I finally got around to doing it - or should I say I had five spare minutes -- and I pulled it together.

First thing I did was look through my stash of old frames.  I found this red leather frame with a picture of our now-adopted dog.  I wasn't really feeling the red any longer so I spray painted it with two coats of Almond-colored spray paint.  I put a sheet of foil in the picture opening to avoid any overspray.

To make the monogram, I just created it on the computer in a large, bold font.  I think my font size was somewhere between 250 and 300 -- but it depends on the font you pick and the size of your frame.  You don't want anything too dainty because very thin lines may have a hard time showing up on the burlap.

Before printing on burlap, I always iron it onto a piece of freezer paper (shiny side down).  I then cut them both to size by measuring against a piece of standard printer paper. 

I take all of the paper out of my printer so only the burlap/freezer paper is in the printer tray.  Then I simply hit print...

After printing, I just cut my burlap to size and slide it in the frame.

I love the rustic feel of burlap and I adore monograms so this is perfect! 


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