Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Toilet Paper holder from a planter and a dowel

You know when you have a moment of pure genius? Yeah, well, I had one today.  I was sitting there, on my kids' stool, waiting for my two year old to poop and the toilet paper holder next to the john caught my eye.  Why, you ask? Well, you sit in the bathroom for half an hour at a time as your kid stands - yes, stands - on the toilet seat'll look at anything besides...

Anyway, I had just purchased a $1 large diameter dowel (about an inch) for another project I had in mind, when I realized it would be perfect for a toilet paper holder.  I've been in need of one for our tiny master bathroom.  I had this white planter in the garage that I've been dying to use for a project and guess what? It just so happens a toilet paper roll fits in it perfectly.

I also happen to have one of those floral foams on hand...put them all together and they make a toilet paper holder my day.

First, I measured how long the dowel needed to be for three rolls of toilet paper to fit on it, plus a little extra for the top and bottom.  Then I used my jigsaw to cut the dowel and sanded the raw edge.  I used white spray paint that I have on hand to paint it.

While it was drying, I used some hot glue to glue the foam piece into the bottom of the flower pot.  Once the dowel was dry, I just pressed it into the center of the foam piece.  I added a little hot glue around the top to keep it in place.

 I also added a silver drawer knob to the top of the dowel just for a little bling bling.   I had fished out from under one of the vanities last week.   Not sure where it came from's now the top to my toilet paper holder.

Check this baby out! It holds three rolls perfectly and no longer will my hubby need to call me because there's no toilet paper in the bathroom because there's no space to store any and he's run out..again.

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