Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY curtain rods on the cheap

Curtain rods are something I hate spending money on...and let's face it, attractive ones rarely come cheap.   That's why I was so excited when I discovered just how easy and cheap it is to to make my own DIY curtain rods -- plus they're fully customizable.

Everything from the size and color of the curtain rod and to the curtain rod ends can be made specifically to your liking and to fit your window perfectly.  All you need for this project is a dowel, a couple of cabinet door knobs or curtain rod finials, paint or stain, and curtain rod brackets.

I have been in need of a curtain rod for my bathroom since recently making a stenciled drop cloth curtain for our master bath.  Since I made the curtain first, I was limited as to the size of the dowel I could use due to the small pocket.   The first thing I did was cut my dowel down to size.  Then I painted just the ends of the dowel.  I used acrylic craft paint, but spray paint would work fine, too.
Once the paint was dry, I slid the dowel through the pocket in the top of my curtain.  Then glued a cabinet door knob on each end.  Please excuse this contraption, I was having trouble getting the knob to stay until I decided to bag epoxy and just hot glue. (Way easier!)

You'll need to install curtain rod brackets before you can hang the curtain rod.

And there you have it - a DIY Curtain Rod that cost me about $5 -- $.79 for the dowel, $1.59 the knobs (Walmart), and $3 for the brackets.

So what do you think...a lot better than the pricy rods from the store, right?  Right!

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Posted by: Melissa


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