Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY Tree Branch Candle Sticks (Pottery Barn inspired)

I'm starting to think about my fall mantle and I know I want to incorporate some things from outdoors inside.

When I looked out my window a few weeks ago to see a large tree branch on the ground, I instantly knew what I would make -- a set of tree branch or log candle sticks.

Pottery Barn Painted Birch Candles

I had seen Pottery Barn's birch painted candles and knew I could make them for a lot less than their $20-$30.  (How about FA-REE!!)

These babies are pretty straight forward.   I found a pretty straight part of the branch and used a saw to cut it into three sections of varying lengths.

Then I sanded down both the tops and bottoms.  I also scrubbed and sanded some areas of the bark that looked a little 'iffy.'

I used my brand spankin' new set of Black and Decker paddle bits to drill a hole in the top of each log.

I picked the bit that was the closest in size to the candles I already on hand.  The set was less than $9 at Walmart. You could also use a larger bit to drill holes wide enough for a tea light.

I made sure to drill down pretty far to ensure that the candles don't topple over.  The holes in each tree branch candle stick are at least an inch deep.

That's it. I told you they were pretty straight forward!
I added a fall-ish (is that a word?) napkin ring to jazz them up a little more and obviously the larger candle is just sitting on top. That's the beauty of these, you can make them as fancy or as simple you want - and you can change them up for each season so you can use these straight through the winter holidays as well.  (  I am planning on putting them on my mantle for fall.  I'm still working on a few other pieces, which is why I'm being stingy with mantle pictures.)

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