Monday, October 7, 2013

I Spy DIY: 7 Master Bedroom Ideas

Last week on the blog I showed off my newly refinished/repainted nightstand and got some great feedback from readers on it.  One of the biggest compliments was from a reader who asked if the headboard in the photo was purchased or made.  I'll give you one guess...

That got me looking at the photo, which at first glance doesn't look like much other than the nightstand.  But actually when I look closer I realize just how much blood, sweat and tears  love I have poured into our master bedroom since I started transforming it in the spring.   In just this one photo I spy FIVE DIY projects that I have featured on the blog...can you see them?

Okay, okay I'll give you a few hints (and all the links to the tutorials)...

Let's start with the nightstand because it's the most obvious.  It was painted two-tone to match the walls and trim and new hardware was added.

On the nightstand sits one of the three DIY lamps I made for the bedroom.  This one - and its match - were made from rattan-wrapped glass jars found at TJ Maxx.  (Here's a peak at the third..this little stenciled beauty is on my dresser.)

Moving onto the bed....

The king-size upholstered headboard with nail head trim was the biggest project and perhaps has the biggest impact in the master bedroom.  This is a total Pottery Barn-knockoff that was made from a piece of plywood, a drop cloth and a staple gun.  It's actually a pretty easy project that took me and Stephanie about 3 hours total and cost me a fraction of the price it would have had I bought the $1,500 PB version.

The throw pillows on the bed are also homemade.  I re-purposed the coordinating shams that came with the bedding to create the pillows.  I like throw pillows I was able to have four pillows instead of two.  I keep three on the bed and one on my $99 Ikea chair (which, yes, I also hacked!)

Finally, the bed skirt. Did you spy my DIY no-sew "linen" bedskirt in the photo? It's also a PB knockoff and this no-sew version was also made from leftover drop cloth.  It could seriously be the easiest and cheapest DIY bedroom project ever! (And that could easily be the cutest little guy ever! I mean, am I right or am I right?!)

And I leave you with this...which is how I originally styled the nightstand with a few different accessories.  Unbelievably, it adds two more DIY projects...the dried hydrangeas and the repainted thrift store candlesticks!

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