Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY American Girl Balance Beam (Gymnastics Set Knockoff)

A few days ago I shared my version of a DIY American Girl Gymnastics Bars.  Now, I'm back with the balance beam to complete the gymnastics set - and it's even easier!   All you need are two square dowels (I found them at the craft store) and wood glue.  Spray paint is optional - I had it on hand and I figured I'd match the bar and beam, so I used it on the supports.

So here's how I made the gymnastics beam for an 18" doll.  I started by cutting about 3 or 4 inches off each dowel.  Then I cut the short piece down to about 2 inches.   I sanded the ends quickly to get rid of any sharp edges and splinters.

I spray painted the two 2"pieces and while they were drying I worked on the beam.

I put a line of wood glue on one side of one of the dowels.  Then I put the other down right next to it, clamping it with two clamps while it dried.  If any glue sneaks out, just wipe it up before it dries.

When it was dry, I used more wood glue to attach the leg supports.  I clamped them while they dried, too.

That's seriously it! I told you the doll beam was even easier than the uneven bars.

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