Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY Log Tea Light Holder Center Piece

Finally, I can share my log tea light holder center piece for my Christmas dining room table with you.  The project is actually pretty straight forward and fast, but for some reason it took me months to figure out how and where I wanted to use it.  But now she's ready for her 2IY debut just in time for Christmas.

I had been wanting to make a log tea light holder ever since this huge branch fell off a tree in our backyard.  Instead of making it then, I made a set of tree branch candle sticks.  I was waiting for another branch to fall but unfortunately (or, I guess, fortunately) one never did.   So I did the next best thing...I raided the wood pile.
I baked the log in a low heat oven (250) for about 30 minutes just to kill off any bugs that might be making their home in there.

Then I used a 1.5" paddle bit to drill out the four holes for the tea lights. 

I purchased a 13-piece set of Black and Decker paddle bits a few months ago for less than $15.   They've come in really useful for several projects.  I found them at both Amazon and Walmart, but I'm sure Lowes and HD have them, as well.

Some of the bark peeled off when I drilled the holes for the tea lights,  but I still love it just the same.

Wouldn't this be beautiful with a birch log?

I added some fresh pine branches from our Christmas tree around the log tea light holder and a few gold berries and pine cones.  The center piece really pops on top of my red table runner.  It's totally different than anything I've ever done for my Christmas table in the past and I really love how it came out.

Please note: When the tea lights are lit, this log candle holder should NEVER be left unattended. Tea lights burn quickly and the dry natural elements pose a risk of fire if left unattended.

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