Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Monogrammed Wine Bottle Bag (Pottery Barn-Inspired)

I think I like wine accessories more than I actually like wine.  Take for example, Pottery Barn's textured linen wine bags = LOVE! I loved them so much I knocked them off....cause, you know, I love Pottery Barn...oh and they're no longer available so I basically had no choice, but to DIY. 
The PB version (on the right above) has a linen look so I used my go-to linen impersonator: drop cloth. 
You'll also need:
  • Spray adhesive
  • Cardstock
  • Burlap (recommended, but not necessary)
  • Home Printer
  • Jute Rope or Ribbon
To get started, cut a piece of drop cloth so it's 13.5" by16" long.

Double fold down about half an inch at the top. Press and sew a straight stitch across.

 Zig zag stitch along the sides and bottom to prevent fraying.

Fold the material in half so the two sides meet.  Use your iron to press the center fold.  Open the piece back up and lay it flat.  This line just indicates the middle so you can position the burlap and monogram later.

If you are going to include the burlap piece, go ahead and cut out a square of burlap. (If not, skip down to printing out your monogram.) I just eyeballed mine and it turned out to be about a 5" square.  Set it and the piece of drop cloth you've been working with aside.

Now it's time to work on the monogram.  Design your monogram in whatever program you prefer. I used Powerpoint.  Once the design is how you like it, cut out a second piece of drop cloth the size of a piece of printer paper.   Iron it really well.  Spray some spray adhesive on a piece of 8.5 x 11" card stock paying special attention to the edges.   Place the paper, sprayed side down, onto the drop cloth.  Smooth it out to get rid of any wrinkles and focus on making sure the edges and corners are all stuck to the paper.  If there is any overhang, trim the material.

Position the paper with fabric into your printer tray (remove all paper from the tray) so it will print on the drop cloth.  Print as you normally would.

Carefully remove the drop cloth fabric from the paper.  Iron the fabric and cut a circle around your monogram leaving a small area so you can sew it onto the burlap.

Place the monogram piece onto the burlap and sew a straight stitch just inside the edge so you sew them together.

Now position your square piece of burlap, with the monogram sewn on, in the lower 1/3rd of the bag (or you can put it in the middle if you'd prefer).  Just make sure the monogram lines up centered with that seam you created to indicate the exact center of your wine bag.

Fold the bag in half so the two right sides of the material are together.  It will look inside out - that's what you want.

Pin the side edge and bottom edges of the fabric together and sew a straight stitch along both.

Flip your wine bottle bag right side out.  Now you can either sew on a piece of jute rope or ribbon in the back or just tie it around when you put the bottle of wine in the bag.

Don't these just make a wonderful hostess gift...or, obviously, for the wine lover.  I'm actually giving one with a bottle of wine as part of a gift basket I'm giving to one of those people who has just about everything.

I just added a little sprig from my Christmas tree and a mini pine cone to jazz it up even more for the gift basket.

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