Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Repurposed louvered door and full length mirror

You might remember a few months ago when we had our master bathroom expanded so we could replace our tiny vanity with a double... No? Okay here's a refresher.  Part of that renovation included combining our two reach and grab closets into one 'large' closet (and I do use that world loosely').

We replaced the single slated doors with two 3' wide french doors.  

Not ready to part with both the louvered doors, I held on to one with the intention of reusing it in the bedroom to hold the mirror that for-the-life-of-me would not stay upright on its stand.  Here's what my mirror looked like before.

Anyway, I finally got around to finishing up this project and while it was months in the making for me, it's really a fairly quick one.  If you don't have a mirror already, you can always get a large wall or over the door mirror from somewhere like Walmart.  They are pretty inexpensive....like single digits.

Since I already had a mirror, I disassembled it from the stand and painted the door and the mirror frame the same color so they would look unified.  I filled in the hole in the door from the door knob with a patch and some plaster.   I apologize I don't have many pictures of this project in the works...

Then I simply used a couple of heavy duty wall mounts - I like the claws - and put them right into the door.  On the back of the mirror I added D-rings to hang the mirror directly onto the door.

Currently, I have the mirror leaning in the corner, of my bedroom sort of beside and behind the Ikea chair that I gave a little makeover to...it's not exactly the best spot, but it's definitely better than balancing act I was perfoming on the edge of the bathtub while holding onto the shower curtain rod as I tried to catch a full length glimpse of myself in the bathroom vanity mirror.   Stop laughing...

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