Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY American Girl Doll Hangers (On the Cheap)

Trying to control and organize the growing American Girl wardrobe my daughter is collecting is  more work than organizing her own clothes.  For Christmas she got a doll dresser, but with just a few hangers all the clothes were ending up balled up on top of it, instead of hung neatly inside which was my vision.  Yeah right....insert reality check here!  At least I tried...I decided, instead of continuing to buy packs of hangers that I knew would eventually get lost and/or broken, I would make some.

I made more than a dozen in just a few minutes and they only cost me about $3 total.  I used thick floral wire to make the DIY doll hangers.

To find the right size I used one of the doll hangers I had and layed it flat on a piece of scrap wood. Then I pressed thumb tacks into the wood at the two corners and the top. 

These would be my guide for the wire.  In case you don't have a hanger to use as a guide the two thumb tacks at the bottom were about 5 inches apart and the one at the top was an inch higher and in the middle to form the triangle shape.   If you have no head nails, I would actually recommend using them instead of the thumb tacks so the wire can slide up and off.  I had to remove one of the thumbtacks every time to get the hanger off the guide.

Once you have your guide set, form a little hook with the end of the wire (this is what will hang on the bar).  Then start at the top nail and wrap the wire around the left nail > across the bottom to the right nail> back up to center.   Make sure you're pulling the wire taunt.

Once you get back to the top, use plyers to cut the wire and wrap the end around the neck of the hook.  I have no idea what the proper name of these hanger parts really is so you'll just have to go with it.

That's all there is to making American Girl doll hangers.  I made a few of mine a little bigger since my daughter has some newborn clothes for her dolls and the neck openings are slightly larger. Just be sure not to make them too big that they prevent any door from closing.

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