Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pottery Barn Knockoff Happy Easter Burlap Flag

In case you haven't noticed I might be a little obsessed with Pottery Barn.  Aside from a rare splurge, however, I pretty much stick to clearance items...oh, and items I can knockoff.  Like say...this Happy Easter flag.  I saved myself a cool $39 bucks here and it only took me an hour or so to make this large flag.

I started by cutting a piece of burlap 24" x 36".

I folded over the top two inches and pressed it with a hot iron before sewing across.  This created a pocket for the dowel.

Using my sewing machine, I then zig zag stitched along the two sides and the bottom to keep the burlap from fraying.  It also helps to cut the burlap in a really straight line to stop fraying.

I created and cut the stencil on freezer paper using my Silhouette. (Click here for my trick on creating oversized/wider than 12" stencils in Silhouette.)

The bunny is actually a design from a dingbat font. Now I wish I could tell you exactly what font and what letters, but to be honest I actually manipulated the design a bunch and combined two or three different bunny silhouettes from various sources.  (Long story...)  The free font LP Rabbit has a lot of great options for bunny silhouettes and that's where I found the basis of my design.   If you don't have a Silhouette or another die cut machine you can print out your bunny design and then cut it out to create a stencil.  I always recommend using freezer paper for stenciling on fabric including burlap and here's why.

I positioned the stencil, ironed it onto the burlap, and then used my foam blotters and white craft paint to fill it in.  

Once the paint on the bunny was dry I added the 'Happy Easter' stencil.   The text I used was 'Great Vibes" for everything except the 'E'.  The 'E' is from Edwardian Script ITC.

Then it was just a matter of slipping in a dowel at the top and tying jute rope to either end so the flag can be hung up. 

And that cost me a total of $0 since I had everything on hand. Even if you need to buy all supplies this project will cost you less than $10 to make...that's a pretty big savings over the original.

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