Tuesday, July 30, 2013

5 Ingenious ways to re-purpose cabinet knobs

If you're changing out the hardware on your cabinets, don't throw out the old knobs - there are plenty of other ways you can use them.  I've been using cabinet knobs in a variety of ways lately and I thought I'd pull them all together in one post just to show you their versatility.

<<Spray paint a cabinet knobs and glue it to the top of a lid to make DIY Pharmacy Jars out of glass food jars.

Attach three or four cabinet knobs to a shelf, picture frame or shadow box to use as pegs to hang items like hats, bags or towel.  >>

<<Make your own DIY toilet paper holder and put a cabinet knob on top as an added decoration.

Cap off each end of a DIY curtain rod with a cabinet knob - it will add a little bling and keep the curtain on the rod. >>

Colleen over at Colleen is Creative made this awesome chevron knob necklace holder using a piece of wood, painters tape, and cabinet knobs to hold her jewelry.  (Click here for the full tutorial.) I love everything about it! Thanks Colleen for sharing your creative genius with us...oh, and don't forget to check out Colleen's mom blog, Mommy Panda, as well.

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