Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY kitchen storage ideas: Repurpose food containers

If you're like I was you have a few stray baggies of spice mixtures or rubs you've mixed up (lucky you if you actually labeled them) and/or perhaps a half-used open-so-long-it-won't-close-correctly box of this or that in your pantry.  That was me - and I'm here to tell you all is not wrong with the world (or even your kitchen).

Recently, I've started using food jars (spaghetti, salsa, pickle), glass spice containers, and even plastic coffee creamer bottles (they have an easy pour spout!) to help better organize my kitchen.  It's so easy to do and it's a great way to keep food longer and fresher...not to mention I can now stop using my tupperware for a quarter cup of who-knows-what-that-leftover-mixture is.

Just wash out the containers (glass jars are ideal), peel off the original labels, and refill them. (Couldn't find my funnel so....paper towel did the trick.) And don't ask why the Mr. bought 18 pounds of baking clue.

I make labels in Powerpoint, print them out, and use mod podge to attach them to the jars.   The mod podge seals the paper so if it gets wet it doesn't matter.


  1. this is fantastic!!!! lol...I just went to my fridge and pulled off the lable of my Amaretto creamer so when it is empty...later today! [coffee hound here!] I can empty my Lock N Lock with the baking soda in it and use them as they were intended ...for leftovers!! Great idea !! So happy I found this..I believe I found you first from!!!! to 'follow' you guys!! Thanks loads ladies!!!!

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